Fractions to decimals 5th grade math game

This 5th grade math game helps kids practice converting fractions to decimals.
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  • Skills to develop:Children will expand their knowledge of converting fractions to decimals.
  • The Memory Nuts Gameis a memory game involving one attempt match.
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Fractions are parts of whole numbers and decimals are parts of whole numbers. Every fraction has an equivalent decimal and every decimal has an equivalent fraction. In Fractions to Decimals Memory Match game. Several squares with a challenging set of decimals and fractions show up on screen. Students are to match the decimals with the equivalent fraction. If all the decimals are matched, the student gets credit. If all the pairs are not matched, no credit is given for that set. Two colorful squirrels on the opposite side of the page are digging for nuts in a winter scene. They are trying to fill the tree with nuts. If all the matches are made on the page, the squirrel will dig a nut and it be thrown in a tree. If matches are missed, the squirrel will dig the nut and it will go flying across the area toward the other squirrel. This game would be beneficial for students who need more enrichment. Read Less