Fractions, greater than, less than, equal to, 5th grade math game

This 5th grade math game will helps kids practice differentiating amount of fractions in terms of greater than (>), less than (<) or equal to (=).
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  • Skills to develop:Children will expand their knowledge of fractions by differentiating between amounts of fractions. Bigger fractions can sometimes look deceptively smaller than others. For instance 1/3 is actually greater than 1/8 but it may not appear obvious.
  • The  Kitten Race Game is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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Fractions are used in every day life. Fractions are parts of a whole number. In 5th grade students become familiar with renaming fractions to other equivalent fractions and reducing fractions.  In Fractions Great Than, Less Than, Equal to game, students are able to practice the skill of looking at a fraction and deciding if it is larger, smaller or actually equal (equivalent) to another fraction. It is easy to get confused because one fraction might look larger but may actually be smaller, or even equivalent than a seemingly smaller fraction. After each answer is given, the next screen shows a two kittens in colorful race cars race to the finish line. If an answer is correct, the kitten with the blue car pulls ahead. If the answer is incorrect, the other kitten pulls forward. The player is trying to earn 3 stars. This math game is perfect for learning center rotations or for more practice at home. Read Less