Types of Angles – math games for 5th grade

This game helps 5th graders practice distinguishing between types of angles – right, obtuse, straight or acute. Click the Play button below to begin practising.
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Types of Angles: As part of future geometric lessons, this activity helps learners practice distinguishing between types of mathematical angles – right angle, straight angle, obtuse and acute angles. A right angle Read More
  • A right angle is an angle of 90 degrees such as the corner of a square or a circle divided into quarters.
  • An acute angle is a sharp angle that is smaller than a right angle at less than 90 degrees.
  • An obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees but smaller than 180 degrees.
  • Finally, a straight or flat angle is an angle that is 180 degrees when it stays flat.
Understanding the language of math is equally important in ensuring that kids do not get lost in math classes. This game of Kitten Racing is ideal for 5th graders reviewing knowledge of angles.Read Less