Big numbers in words, 5th grade math game

This 5th grade math game helps children write and spell big numbers in words using a British English approach.
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  • Skills to develop:Children will learn to read and write bigger numbers in thousands as words.  Please note that in the US, we do not add ‘and’ before the last number in big numbers, but in British English, bigger numbers in the thousands are written with ‘and’ towards the end. For instance, 3,355 is written ‘three thousand three hundred and fifty-five’, whereas North Americans often drop the ‘and’. To be inclusive of our global audiences, we adopt the British approach in this game.
  • The Monkey Isle Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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Reading, writing and saying big numbers is fundamental to being able to add, subtract, multiply and divide larger numbers. Numbers in the hundreds and thousands and hundred-thousands can get tricky to read or write. However, number literacy is important. If a child can read and write larger numbers, the odds increase the student understands and comprehends place value and operations involving those larger numbers as well. In Big Numbers in Words game, students will practice how to read and translate large numbers from digits to words and from words to digits. Each question is presented and then after each answer is given, the next screen features a colorful monkey digging for his treasure. When a correct answer is selected, the monkey finds either a banana or a coconut. When an incorrect answer is selected, the poor monkey digs up a shoe. In the end, the monkey might find a surprise! This game is a great game for learning center rotations or to use at home practice. Read Less