Hundreds, tens, units, place value math game for 3rd Grade

This third grade math game helps kids develop skills in identifying the value of three digital numbers. It helps answer the question – What is the value of numbers in the hundreds, tens and units places?
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  • Skills to develop:Kids in 3rd grade will review and practice place value numeracy skills involving three digital numbers. Identifying the value of a number in three digits helps kids quickly identify how to read bigger numbers.
  • Game Overview:The Space Dog Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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Place value is at the base of almost every math operation. It is key for understanding addition involving regrouping and subtraction with borrowing in more advanced operations. Hundreds, Tens, Units Place Value Game gives students the chance to identify each place by highlighting a certain numeral in a given place, and then asking the student to name the value of the numeral based on whether it’s in the hundreds, tens or units place. The game also has questions using more critical thinking skills and place value practice by placing numbers in random order and asking students to order them from the least to the greatest. This calls for students to be able to look at the hundreds place then to the tens to place numbers correctly. After each question is answered correctly the following screen will show a dog in space being able to catch a bone. If an answer is incorrect, a meteor will hit the bone instead, or a spaceship will beam the bone up. This game is great for learning center practice or for extra practice at home. Read Less