Place value, hundreds, tens, units – 3rd Grade Math Game

This third grade math game helps kids practice identifying the value of three digit numbers in the hundreds, tens and units places.
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  • Skills to develop:Kids in 3rd grade will review and practice place value numeracy skills. Identifying the place of a number in multiple digits helps kids quickly identify how to read bigger numbers.
  • Game Overview:The  Kitten Race Game  is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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Place value is at the base of almost every math operation. It is key for understanding addition involving regrouping and subtraction with borrowing later in the 3rd grade year. Place Value Hundreds, Tens, Units Game is a highly recommended way to review the skills of learning place value from the single unit’s place (ones), tens place and the one hundred’s place. This game also reviews and keeps students familiar with the words hundred, tens and units. This game uses various ways to review place value, from dots on a place value chart, to expanding numbers and having the students change the number from the expanded form to the standard number form. The game also helps students review the power of holding a place with the zero. This is often easy to forget for young learners. Place Value Hundreds, Tens, Units Game is a most effective game for learning center review and practice, at home, or for use in older grades for those students who need remediation for this skill.Read Less