Fractions of whole numbers, 4th grade math game

This 4th grade math game of fractions will help learners practice working out the fractions of whole numbers – Ex. What is ¼ of 20?
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  • Skills to develop: Children will expand their knowledge of fractions of whole numbers.
  • The  Kitten Race Game is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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Learning fractions and being comfortable with the use of fractions is a common core expectation for 4th grade students. Fractions are used in cooking, shopping, building, drawing, and every day life for almost everyone. It is necessary for students to know how to multiply fractions by whole numbers because this is something people use all the time. Fractions are relevant. Fractions of Whole Numbers game is a perfect way for students to practice multiplying a fraction by a whole number. Students use multiplication facts they know and put those facts to use when finding these fraction answers. This game serves as a great review and practice for fraction skills taught in class. Students are able to expand their knowledge of familiar fractions in a fun way and practice using colorful, quick methods. The player will pick four choices and then on the following screen two racecar drivers battle it out depending on the correct or incorrect answer. Students will want to play this game multiple times.Read Less