Decimals, greater than, less than – math games for 4th grade

This game helps children practice decimals – greater or less than. Click the Play button below to begin practising.
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Decimals: As the differences in the actual numeric size of a decimal can be a subject of confusion, this math game helps children in 4th grade make that distinction. The game also reinforces the use of the greater than and less than symbols in the context of using decimals. Read More
Decimals are numbers that have a point extension. While some decimals may appear deceptively bigger, they may actually be smaller than others. For instance, the decimal 0.25 appears deceptively larger than 0.5. No wonder, kids can get a little bit confused. To give practice, this dragon game is ideal for extending practice in and out of the classroom. Teachers and parents can use it to help children review differences in size between decimals.

Less than, greater than and equal to are taught in primary grades and repeated throughout middle and upper grades at various levels. When comparing decimals and their relative amounts, deciding whether a decimal is less than, greater than or equal to another can be quite difficult. For example, 0.099 may look much larger than 0.1, but in fact the latter is the larger of the two. When first working with decimals, students may get confused. Mastering this skill takes practice, which is why Decimals, Greater than, Less than game, is perfect to use both at home and at school. Each screen poses a problem with choices, followed on the next screen by a competition between a colorful bird and a fire breathing dragon. The dragon is trying to cook his dinner. The hungry bird keeps swooping down to take a bite. When correct answers are given, the player helps the dragon fend off the bird and protect his feast. When incorrect answers are given, the bird Is able to sneak a bite. Read Less