Telling Time, Quarter to, Quarter Past – 2nd grade math game

This math game helps kids in second grade develop skills in telling time using quarter to, quarter past and half past.
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  • Skills to develop:Kids learn to tell time using the concept of quarter and half past. It is a time reading skill that intersects with basic knowledge of fractions.
  • Game Overview:The  Kitten Race Game  is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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The mastery of the skill of telling time helps kids to become more independent as they grow older. Telling time is a lifetime skill people need to live in any society. While we do have digital clocks almost everywhere we look, children also need to learn to tell time on an analog clock face. On this game, kids will review and practice the basic math skill of telling time to the quarter hour. Because this game skill goes to the quarter hour, this also relates to the skill of fractions in math. This game reviews the terms quarter to, quarter past, half past, times such as 5:45, 1:15 and often the students are asked to choose two correct answers. This game is a time reading skill that intersects with a basic knowledge of telling time and fractions. On the following screen two kittens are engaged in an exciting race to see who can win. When the correct answer(s) are given the one kitten will pull ahead. If an answer is incorrect, the other kitten will pull ahead. The blue car with the kitten will win if more correct answers are given. Read Less