Money Addition, Subtraction of Cents – 2nd grade math game

This math game is a mental math problem that helps kids review addition and subtraction of money in cents. It is a second grade math game for primary school learners.
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  • Skills to develop:Counting, adding and subtracting money is a core math skill for children. One of the earliest opportunities second graders get to apply math skills is in the everyday use of money.
  • Game Overview:The Turaco Kango Boomerang Game is a time-limited game of dragging and dropping the correct word.
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Second grade is the grade when money is introduced into the curriculum and mastered. This is an important lifetime skill that is used from the early years throughout adulthood, so practicing and learning this math skill is very important. Counting, adding and subtracting money is a core math skill for children. The Money Addition, Subtraction of Cents Game for 2nd grade is the perfect game to help students practice this new skill of working with addition and subtraction money word problems. Not only do children practice money skills but also work with the needed real world problems skills as well. This game would be also very useful for review in the upper middle elementary grades for independent learning centers in math. Colorful graphics and interesting sounds keeps children of all ages interested and engaged for this much needed lifetime skill. This is a game that is both useful in the classroom and at home. Read Less