Money Addition Kids Math Game – Dragon Game

This dragon math game helps kids practice adding money in cents. It is suitable for  junior primary and math first graders.
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  • Skills to develop : Children will review and practice basic monkey counting and adding skills as part of mathematical literacy.
  • Game Overview : The Turaco Dragon Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers. Learn to add money in cents and earn points.
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Counting, addition, and subtraction are basic math skills needed for other math skills in later grades and throughout life. The addition and subtraction of money is a core math lifetime skill and also a mental math skill used on a daily basis by most adults. Money Addition, Subtraction of Cents game helps students practice mental math of addition and subtraction of different amounts of cents below one dollar. Students will have one minute on the clock, so if your child does not have mental math mastered, they have time to use scratch paper to write the problems down and solve them on paper. Students will get faster with repeated use of this game. After each answer is given, on the following screen, a kangaroo will throw a boomerang. If the answer is correct, the boomerang will come right back and be caught. If the answer is incorrect, the boomerang will come back, but will not be caught. This Money Addition and Subtraction of Cents game is a fun game for learning center practice or for use at home. Read Less