Addition 1 to 10 Math Memory Game for Kids

This math game helps kids practice addition of numbers from 1 to 10. It is suitable for junior primary school and first graders.
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  • Skills to develop : Children will review and practice basic addition skills. These skills form an essential building block for their future competence in mathematical literacy.
  • Game Overview : The Turaco Memory Nuts Game is a time-limited concentration game. Help the squirrels collect enough nuts for winter.
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Addition Math facts are essential for students to master before they move into more advanced addition and subtraction math problems. The learning and memorization of these facts can at times become tedious even for the most eager learner. Games such as Addition 1 to 10 Math Memory Game for Kids helps addition math facts become fun for kids who need more practice and also challenging for the student who also needs more enrichment. The students are given two minutes on the clock and are to select the matching addition math facts in order for the squirrel on the next screen to be able to store a nut for the winter. Both screens are colorful and fun. This two-minute time is plenty of time for students who do not yet know their facts and need to count and a student who is trying to go faster can use the clock to see just how quickly they can go each time. At the end of each round is a concentration memory game. This is a fun way to practice much needed addition math facts and solidify skills for more advanced addition in the future. Read Less