Multiplication of bigger digit numbers – 4th Grade Math Game

This 4th grade math game extends practice of multiplying by numbers bigger than two.
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  • Skills to develop: Children will expand their knowledge of multiplication of larger numbers.
  • The Space Dog Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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By 4th grade, students have been introduced to multiplications facts. During the 4th grade year, students will learn to multiply 2 and 3-digit numbers by 1 and 2 digits. They will also learn to divide 1, 2 and 3-digit numbers by 1 digit. Proficiency with multiplication facts is an important building block in math that also helps students with long division and algebra later on. Therefore, it is essential students know all of their multiplication facts from 0 through 12. Multiplication of Bigger Digit Numbers game gives kids a chance to practice larger math facts that often stump even the most diligent child who has worked hard to learn these facts. Students can’t practice these facts often enough and with the colorful screen and space dog to help push them on, math facts become challenging and more fun. Flash cards are nice, but playing the Digit Game is more fun!Read Less