Addition 1-5 Game

This is an addition 1-5 math game for children. It helps kids to develop the necessary skill of counting and adding numbers up to five. Math teachers and parents can use this as a fun activity to support classroom math teaching. The game works across multiple devices (mobile and desktop) without the need for an app, so learning can take place anywhere.
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Monkey Game – How to Play
This fun game is called ‘Monkey Isle’ and involves a monkey digging for treasures on an island. Will you help the monkey find more banana and coconut treasures? This game takes the form of a multiple-choice quiz. Read More
The learner must listen to the instructions and choose the correct answer within a timed period of 15 or more seconds. The more correct answer the learner gets, the more stars they earn in the end. Learners should aim for three stars.
Early learners are ready to do simple addition using pictures. Simple addition problems help get children ready for more advanced addition problems and for mental math later on. Using the math addition game, children are able to see the objects on the right hand side of the screen and count them. They become familiar with the addition symbol +, and are able to choose the correct answer out of 4 answers on the screen. The objects are familiar objects and are colorful choices. On the next screen a colorful monkey on an island will dig for a banana or coconut if the answer is correct. He will get hit on the head by an object he dug up if the answer is incorrect. A bonus treasure chest is found at the end of the game and the player is awarded with one, two or three stars depending on the percentage of correct answers. The time clock is set at 25 seconds for each problem so children have plenty of time to complete each task but not so much time they become disengaged. This game is an excellent way to learn and practice addition facts from 1 to 5.Read Less