Fractions recognition, half, quarter, eighth, 4th grade math game

This 4th grade math game of fractions will helps kids identify the multiple forms in which fractions manifest as halves, quarter or eighth.
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  • Skills to develop: Children will expand their knowledge of fractions.
  • The Monkey Isle Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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Understanding Fractions is essential in the 4th grade curriculum and a lifetime skill. Fractions are used in cooking, building, sewing, and many more every day activities. Students learn how to recognize fractions in various ways. Fractions are in written form, pictures and numerals. The Fractions Recognition, Half Quarter, Eighth game features fractions in pictures. Students are given a fraction shown by a picture, and then the student is to choose which fraction corresponds to the picture shown. The student has 4 choices, but only one choice fits the fraction correctly. The screen following each choice features a colorful monkey digging for his treasure. When a correct answer is selected, the monkey finds either a banana or a coconut. When an incorrect answer is selected, the poor monkey digs up a shoe. In the end, the monkey might find a surprise! This game is a great game for learning center practice or to use at home. Read Less