Fractions, greater than or less than, 4th grade math game

This 4th grade math game of fractions will helps kids identify the value of fractions – greater than, less than or equal to.
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  • Skills to develop: Children will expand their knowledge of fractions in terms of their value – greater, less or equal.
  • The Space Dog Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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Understanding Fractions is essential in the 4th grade curriculum and a lifetime skill. Fractions are used in cooking, building, sewing, and many more every day activities. Comparison of fractions to each other requires the student to be able to learn and comprehend the sizes of fractions and how the relate to each other when added together. In Fractions, Greater Than or Less Than, students will gain needed practice to be able to discern if one fraction is larger than another based on previous knowledge. Students then apply their knowledge to add fractions together to see if the sum is correctly labeled as less than or greater than in the game. Students should have scratch paper available if needed. This game is fun and challenging. On the following screen is a colorful space dog who is trying to catch a bone. When answers are correct, the bone is caught by the dog. When answers are incorrect, the bone is knocked away by a meteor or beamed aboard an alien spaceship. This game is perfect for learning center rotations. Read Less