Place Value up to 9999 – 4th Grade Math Game

This 4th grade math game helps kids practice place value of numbers in the thousands up to 9999.
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  • Skills to develop:Children will expand their knowledge of place value by moving into the thousands.
  • Game Overview: The  Kitten Race Game  is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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Learning and practicing place value is a concept that is key to so many other math concepts taught in middle and upper grades. Place value is the base for advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Place Value up to 9999 game helps students review a multitude of strategies to find a marked digit’s place. This game also uses various ways to review place value, from dots on a place value chart, to expanding numbers and having the students change the number from the expanded form to the standard number form. After each question shows a two colorful kittens race to the finish line after every answer. If an answer is correct, the kitten with the blue car pulls ahead. If the answer is incorrect, the other kitten pulls forward. The player is trying to earn 3 stars. This math game is perfect for learning center rotations or for more practice at home. Read Less