Multiplying by 10 – 5th Grade Math Game

This 5th grade math game helps children practice multiplying by 10.
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  • Skills to develop:Multiplication is a core math skill. This exercise develops knowledge of multiplication by focusing on multiplying by 10.
  • The Space Dog Gameis a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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Multiplying is a basic math skill. Multiplying by powers of 10 is also a basic math skill students need to be able to grasp more difficult multiplication and division problems as students move through the 5th grade math curriculum. Students will notice a pattern as they practice using the Multiplying by 10 game. Each time a number is multiplied by 10 a zero is placed on the end of the number. For example, 143 x 10 = 1430. This game also helps students practice place value as students do in fact move the digits to the left as they multiply by powers of ten. Multiplying by 10 is fast paced and colorful. Students will want to help the Space dog catch his bone on the screen after each math problem. If the problems are answered incorrectly a space ship will beam up the bone instead. This game helps kids to multiply by 10 and even more importantly see the pattern when 10 is a factor in a multiplication problem.Read Less