Fractions, half– math game for 2nd graders

This math game for second graders helps practice fractions in halves.
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  • Skills to develop:Children will develop knowledge of fractions in halves.
  • The Space Dog Gameis a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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In 2nd grade, students are introduced to multiplication math facts from 1 through 5. One of the first facts are the twos. Skip counting twos and also halves are practiced. Learning halves and quarters is the foundation of fractions. In Fractions, Half Math Game for 2nd Graders, students will first review what ½ is in relation to a circle. The game then moves on to ½ fractions of numbers such as 10, 12, 24, 30, etc. Toward the end of the game, the player will be led to figure out problems with more critical thinking skills, always with an answer involving ½. This game is a game that progresses in difficulty and is perfect for review of easier skills to becoming a challenge when needed. This contains real world word problems near the end of the sequence. After an answer is correct the following screen will show a dog in space being able to catch a bone. If an answer is incorrect, a meteor will hit the bone instead. This game is a great learning center game or to use problems to help general education review as well.Read Less