Rounding to the nearest ten – math game for 2nd grade

This math game helps kids practice rounding to the nearest ten. It is a game that is suitable for second grade math learners.
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Skills to develop:Rounding to the nearest ten and numerical estimations are lifelong math skills that are best developed early at 2nd grade level.
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Game Overview: The Monkey Isle Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.

Estimation is a lifetime skill. If students can learn to estimate at a young age, they will be ahead of the game! As adults we use estimation every day, when shopping, paying bills, figuring out how much money we have and more. Rounding is the first introduction to estimation. In this game students will practice the much needed skill of rounding in a fun way when they practice rounding to the nearest 10.   There are three types of rounding used in this game. One is to estimate the dots on the page and choose the closest answer, the other is to actually round the number to the nearest ten on a number line, and the last is to add two numbers together and then round. The rounding method used is 4 or below, leave it alone, 5 or above, give it a shove.  If the student rounds or estimates correctly in the game, the monkey on the following screen will dig up a banana or a coconut, if the answer is incorrect, the monkey digs up a shoe. The object is to get as many stars as possible. This game is great practice for older students as well.Read Less