Multiplication Word Problems – Third Grade Math Game

This game practices multiplication word problem which is an essential mental math skill for third grade. Click the play button to begin.
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Multiplication: Mental math or arithmetic is an approach to developing applied math skills. Without it, mathematics would simply remain an abstract subject and kids will lose interest. Multiplication word problems help third graders see how math applies in the real world. Read More
This Monkey Game helps children practice multiplication word problems. Third graders will develop the skill of linking multiplication problems to concrete examples in their everyday activities. After playing this game of multiplication word problems, teachers and parents can use more examples from the child’s immediate surroundings to extend practice.

Multiplication is a core numeracy skill for children in third grade that will be used throughout the rest of a student’s education and beyond. Third grade math is the level at which basic multiplication skills are introduced and mastered. These skills often begin with the multiplying of single digits and are called multiplication basic facts. Students are supposed to learn and master the basic facts from 0-12. Multiplication Word Problems game gives students the chance to continue to practice the basic multiplication facts while working real world math word problems. While playing, students are given 4 choices. If the student answers the problems correctly, the monkey will dig up a banana or a coconut, if the answer is incorrect, the monkey digs up a shoe. The object of the game is to get as many stars as possible by earning points. This game is great practice for learning center rotations.