Division Word Problems – 3rd Grade Math Games

This game practices division word problem which is an essential mental math skill for third grade. Click the play button to begin.
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Division: Mental math is critical to developing applied math skills. Without it, math would become an abstract subject and kids will lose interest. Word problems enable children in third grade to see how math applies in their everyday activities. This dragon game helps children review division word problems without remainders. Read More
Children are motived to stop a crow from eating the cute dragon’s dinner. Third graders will develop the ability to connect division to concrete examples in the real world. After playing this division word problem game, use more examples from the child’s immediate surroundings to extend practice.

Mental math is critical to developing applied math skills. Learning the basic multiplication and division math facts is essential to being able to move into more advanced problems. For example, in division, a problem with remainders would be considered more difficult, and would be a result of a student’s progress of skill.  Division Word Problems game helps the student practice basic division math facts in order to solve real world math word problems. Real world problems are problems used in every day life. In the game, students are given a Division fact and four choices. Students make their choice with more than enough time to spare on the clock. The next screen after every question features a colorful dragon students are helping. The dragon is trying to cook food and is successful with every correct answer. However, with every incorrect answer, a bird swoops in to take a quick bite from the feast! This game is perfect practice for learning center rotations or practice at home. Read Less