Measuring Equivalents in Length – 4th Grade Math Game

This math game helps fourth graders practice comparing lengths of measurements by their equivalents using related metrics. Click the Play button below to begin practising.
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Length measurement equivalents:  What does 100 centimeters make? This question is an example of the type of skill this game helps children practice. By comparing the length of a meter in centimeters, children gain a better idea of the differences across the same unit category.  Read More
This math game is called ‘Monkey Isle’ and a pirate monkey finds his treasure every time you get a correct answer. It is a fun math game that 4th graders can become really absorbed in. From centimeters to meters, meters to kilometers and more, children learn how these metrics of length are compared.

When students study units of measurement, one of the first units they will study is meters and the other units that measure length. Having the knowledge of the size and length in relation to each other in metric units, students will learn and master skills of measurement in 4th grade.  Students become familiar with terms such as meter, kilometer, centimeter, etc. In the game, Measuring Equivalents in Length, children will practice how metrics of length are compared. It is a fun way to practice measurement skills. After each measurement question, the player will be directed to a screen with a colorful monkey, who will dig up a banana or coconut for correct answers, but will end up an old shoe for incorrect answers. At the end of the game, students will be awarded stars according to the amount of correct answers. Measuring Equivalents in Length game is perfect for learning center rotations. Read Less