Subtracting Decimals – 4th Grade Math Game

This math game helps fourth graders practice subtraction of decimals. Click the Play button below to begin practising.
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Subtraction of decimals:  Adding and subtracting decimals can be tricky. Decimals are tricky because their numeric extensions can appear deceptively large or small. This game handles the subtraction of decimals. In so doing, it helps children clarify their understanding of how decimals are larger or smaller than others. Read More
The game is a Kitten Racing game and children are trying to get to the finish first with a trophy and their picture taken. The game builds on basic subtraction skills and extends them in the context of decimal points in numbers.

The ability to add or subtract decimals is a foundation to working with parts of numbers. Decimals are fractions. When we work with money, for instance, we are working with decimals. The key to adding or subtracting when using decimals is to make sure the unit places are in line, the tenth places, the hundredth places. The decimal is always lined up with other decimals. This is tricky because sometimes one number looks smaller than another. Such as 9.1 – 8.444. But in reality this can be written 9.100 so the two numbers are more easily lined up in a standard algorithm. Once students do this, the game Subtracting Decimals is a fantastic review game for students to practice this skill. In this game, students are given various subtraction problems they will need to solve. Have scratch paper available. Two minutes are on the clock which is more than enough time. This game is fun and challenging as two kittens in colorful racecars race to the finish line after every answer. If an answer is correct the kitten with the blue car pulls ahead. If the answer is incorrect, the other kitten pulls forward. The player is trying to earn 3 stars. This game is great for learning center practice! Read Less