Rounding Big Numbers to the Nearest Place Value – 4th Grade Math Game

This math game helps fourth graders practice rounding up big numbers in the hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands and tens places. Click the Play button below to begin practising.
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Rounding big numbers:  This game helps develop skills on place value by rounding big numbers up in the hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands and nearest tens places. Place value and estimation are critical math skills required when dealing with large numbers. As numbers get bigger, we are called upon to make estimates as exact figures can be time-consuming to produce or say. Read More
Under these circumstances, place value skills come in handy. This math game enables 4th grade learners to develop these core math skills. The game is a Dragon Game and the children try to save the dragon’s dinner.

Place value is a core math skill at the base of regrouping in addition and subtraction, multiplication and division by base 10 and rounding to just name a few.  Rounding and estimation build on place value. The ability to round/estimate is a lifetime skill adults use in every day activities. The Rounding Big Numbers to the Nearest Place Value game gives students the chance to practice rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, ten-thousand and hundred-thousand.  This game gives students four choices and follows rounding rules of five or above –give it a shove, four or below-leave it alone. The next screen after every question features a colorful dragon students are helping. The dragon is trying to cook food and is successful with every correct answer. However, with every incorrect answer, a bird swoops in to take a quick bite from the feast! Each game is quick and will allow the students to play more than one time, so if students need more practice, they can play alone or with a partner and take turns. Rounding Big Numbers to the Nearest Place Value game is great for at home review or for learning center practice. Read Less