Even or Odd Numbers – Math Game for 1st Grade

This math game helps review even and odd numbers. It helps 1st grade primary level kids to differentiate between even and odd numbers.
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  • Skills to develop : Odd numbers are numbers which cannot be divided evenly into groups of two. Kids will review and deepen their numeracy skills by doing this exercise.
  • Game Overview : The Kitten Race Game is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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Deciding if a number is odd or even is difficult for some students in upper grades let alone in the early years. Teachers explain even numbers of objects are easily put into equal rows, while odd numbers cannot be put into equal rows. This math game reinforces this taught skill perfectly by placing colorful and familiar objects on one screen where students can easily see if the objects are in equal rows or if they are not in equal rows. Even without counting students are able to decide if the two rows are equal (even) or unequal (odd). By making the correct choice, the race car on the next screen continues to advance in favor of the winner which will be the student’s car. Practicing even and odd number recognition skills is essential to building the foundation for addition, subtraction and multiplication skills in upper grades. Read Less