Addition, Subtraction of Money – 2nd grade math game

This math game helps kids review addition and subtraction of money in cents and euros. It is a second grade math game for primary school learners.
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  • Skills to develop:Counting, adding and subtracting money is an essential math skill for kids. Playing this game helps second graders develop skills in adding and subtracting money.
  • Game Overview:The Space Dog Game is a time-limited game of multiple choices with one or sometimes two correct answers.
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Counting, addition, and subtraction are basic math skills needed for other math operations in later grades and throughout life. The addition and subtraction of money is a core math lifetime skill and also a mental math skill used on a daily basis by most adults. Addition, Subtraction of Money game gives students a chance to practice addition and subtraction of cents up to 2 Euros. Students are given different sets of real world money math problems to solve where they have to add or subtract to find answers. They are then asked from a series of 4 choices if their answer is equal to a choice, less or greater than two choices, or the exact answer of a choice. Critical thinking skills are also put into practice with this game and even the most gifted learner will find this game a challenge the first time. After each question the following screen features a space dog who catches a bone if the question is answered correctly. If the question is answered incorrectly, a meteor will knock the bone out of reach instead. This game is perfect for learning center rotations.Read Less