Parts of Plants – Science Game for Kids

This science game helps children review knowledge of the parts of a plant. It is suitable for kindergarten and junior primary school first grade learners. 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)
  • Key Science Facts
    • Roots hold plants in place and take in water and minerals from the soil.
    • Stems hold up leaves and flowers – they have tubes that take water to different parts of the plant.
    • A trunk is the stem of a tree.
    • Plants have roots that grow into the soil.
    • Trees have branches.
    • Plants needs good soil with minerals and water.
    • Leaves come in many shapes and sizes.
    • Simple leaves have only one leaf blade – with a midrib, blade and vein
    • Compound leaves are made up of many leaflets.
    • Needles are narrow leaves with parallel veins
    • Leaves – pine, holly, oak, maple, white spruce, birch, magnolia, willow, ash
    • Leaves make food for plants through photosynthesis.
    • Leaves use energy from sunlight, water from the ground and a gas called carbon dioxide.
    • Leaves take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.
    • Flowers make seeds that will grow into new plants.
    • Birds and other animals scatter seeds.
    • Birds take seeds to new places.
    • Some seeds catch the wind and fly.
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