Living and Non-living Things – Science Game for Kids

This science game helps children practice distinguishing between living and non-living things. The game helps kids associate living things with certain needs and qualities.
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Science Facts
  • Living things need water, air and sunlight.
  • Plants are living things because they can grow.
Game: The Monkey Isle Game is a time-limited game of multiple choice.
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Living things need certain items to grow. Air, water, and sunlight help living things stay alive. Plants are living things because they can grow. Animals are living things because they can grow. Students will put knowing these characteristics into practice when they play Living and Non Living Things game. A Science Game for Kids. In this game, students are shown different objects and then asked if the objects are living or non living? Later in the game, students are asked to name characteristics of living and nonliving things. Often there is more than one correct answer and students need to make sure they have selected all the correct answers to each question. This game is great practice and review. After each answer is given a colorful monkey is digging for his treasure. When a correct answer is selected, the monkey finds either a banana or a coconut. When an incorrect answer is selected, the poor monkey digs up a shoe. In the end, the monkey might find a surprise! Read Less