Solid, Liquid and Gas, States of Matter – Science Game for Kids

This science game helps children understand the nature and existence of matter – i.e. solid, liquid and gas.  It is suitable for primary school first grade learners.
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  • Key Science Facts
    • Things can exist as solid, liquid or gas.
    • A solid object cannot change its shape.
    • A rock is a solid.
    • Water is a liquid.
    • A liquid is matter that flows.
    • When you pour a liquid it flows.
    • A liquid has mass but it does not have a shape.
    • Air is a gas.
    • A liquid forms the shape of the container it is in.
    • The mass of something is how much matter it is made of.
    • Liquids do not have their own shape.
    • Balloons have air inside.
    • A gas is a kind of matter that takes up space.
    • You can’t see air but you can feel it when it moves.
    • A gas has no shape.
    • Gas has less mass than a liquid.
    • A balloon full of water has more mass than a balloon full of air.
    • A bike with a flat tire needs air.
    • Some gases have more mass than others.
    • Balloons filled with a gas called helium are lighter than those filled with air.
    • When you heat water up, it boils and becomes steam.
    • Steam is gas from water.
    • When water freezes, it becomes ice.
    • Ice is a solid.
    • When ice melts, it becomes a liquid.
    • Heat turns ice and other solids to liquid.
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