Solid, Liquid, Gas – Science Spelling Game for Kids

This science spelling game helps children practice differentiating between states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. It is suitable for  first grade primary school learners.
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  • Key Science Facts
    • Things can exist as solid, liquid or gas.
    • A solid object cannot change its shape.
    • A rock is a solid.
    • Water is a liquid.
    • A liquid is matter that flows.
    • When you pour a liquid it flows.
    • A liquid has mass but it does not have a shape.
    • Air is a gas.
    • Helium is a lighter gas than air.
  • Game: The Turaco Baker Game is a time-limited spelling game of drag and drop activities.
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The three states of matter concept is one of the first concepts of science that students learn during primary grades. Solids, liquids and gasses are all different states of matter. Being able to know which state of matter something is and how states of matter change, are both concepts in early science education. In Solid, Liquid, Gas-Science Kids Spelling Game, students are given sentences. In part of the sentences is a missing word that needs to be spelled correctly. It may be a state of matter or a way a state of matter might change from a solid to a liquid or from a liquid to a gas and so on. Students will find this a fun spelling activity as part of the words are filled in. Teachers will also love that this game reinforces the concept of the three states of matter. After students answer the spelling question, the following screen features a colorful Parrot chef baking fresh deserts. When the answer is correct, the baked desert comes out perfect, but when the answer is incorrect, the baked dish is burned! This game would be great for science partners to work on between other activities. Read Less