Articles and Nouns – Definite, Indefinite Articles – ESL Grammar Game

Practice the definite and indefinite articles with this grammar game for ESL. Click the play button to begin.
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What is the relationship between definite, indefinite articles and nouns? The words ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘some’ and ‘the’ are known as ‘articles’ in the English language. Indefinite articles are ‘a’ and ‘an’. Indefinite articles refer to things that are not specific. Read More
Meanwhile, ‘the’ is a definite article and refers to things that are specific. The definite article ‘some’ is used with plural nouns. Articles generally give information about a noun or noun phrase. They can perform one of the following functions:
  • Articles usually tell us how many there are.
  • Articles tells us whether the noun it relates to is a specific noun or general noun.
  • Articles also help signal to readers that a noun is about to be introduced.
English learners can only gain knowledge of this grammar skill through practice. This game helps children develop an instinctive understanding of when to use articles. Read Less