Plants in Changing Seasons – Kids Science Spelling Game

This science spelling game helps children reinforce knowledge of plants and changing seasons. It is suitable for primary school first grade learners.
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  • Key Science Facts
    • Plants respond to seasonal changes.
    • In spring, flowers bloom.
    • Plants grow the most during summer.
    • In fall, plants shed their leaves.
  • Game: The Turaco Baker Game is a time-limited game of drag and drop spelling exercises.
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In primary grades, children learn and review all four seasons and their names. They learn the characteristics of Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, which is also called Autumn. Students also learn what happens to plants during these seasons. While playing Plants in Changing Seasons games, students review questions and learn to spell the seasons and also spell key elements of each season. Given a letter key and some helpful hints with some letters provided, students have a fun time with the Changing Seasons game. After answering each question, the following screen features a colorful Parrot chef baking fresh deserts. When the answer is correct, the baked desert comes out perfect, but when the answer is incorrect, the baked dish is burned! The parrot bounces back quickly and is ready for the next challenge. This game would be great for science pairs to work on in between other activities. Read Less