Conjunctions Game

This is a game about conjunctions in the English language. It helps ESL learners to practice using different commonly used conjunctions or connecting words. A conjunction is important because it helps join different ideas in a sentence. This activity helps English learners to learn and practice the use of conjunctions in a fun and engaging way. Thus, whether used in classroom lessons or played as homework by students, learning is bound to occur unconsciously.
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The following conjunctions are used, with their corresponding meanings:
  • and – tells you more
  • but – makes a contrast
  • because – answers why
  • so – tells you the result
  • when – answers the question when
  • before/after – answers what happened first
  • although/though – tells you something surprising
  • if – makes a condition
Monkey Isle Game – How to Play This fun game is called ‘Monkey Isle’ and involves a monkey digging for treasures on an island. Will you help the monkey find more banana and coconut treasures? This game takes the form of a multiple-choice quiz. The learner must listen to the instructions and choose the correct answer within a timed period of 15 or 20 seconds. The more correct answer the learner gets, the more stars they earn in the end. Learners should aim for three stars.