Dividing by 10, 5th grade math game

This 5th grade math game of division will helps kids practice dividing by 10.
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  • Skills to develop:Children will expand their knowledge of division by practicing dividing bigger numbers by 10.
  • The  Kitten Race Game is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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Multiplication and Division are core numeracy skills. In 5th grade multiplication facts/division facts move to the next level as students begin multiplying and dividing by the basic multiplication facts by more than just one other digit, especially if the other digit ends in a zero. Students will put the place value system to work and also multiplying powers of ten into practice when multiplying numbers that end in zero. When students dividing by 10 and powers of 10 a zero gets taken away from a number for example: 570 divided by 10 is 57.  All digits move to the right decimals come into play. 57 divided by 10 is 5.7. In Dividing by 10 game students get the chance to practice this mental math skill. There is 1 minute on the clock so kids have more than enough time to work the problems out to find the quotient. After each question the next screen shows a two kittens in colorful race cars race to the finish line after every answer. If an answer is correct, the kitten with the blue car pulls ahead. If the answer is incorrect, the other kitten pulls forward. The player is trying to earn 3 stars. This math game is perfect for learning center rotations or for more practice at home. Read Less