Subtraction with renaming of ten to units – 3rd Grade Math Game

This 3rd grade math game helps kids practice subtraction with renaming of ten to units.
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  • Skills to develop:Children will review and practice subtracting bigger three digit numbers with renaming of tens to units.
  • Game Overview:The  Kitten Race Game  is a time-limited and gamified multiple choice activity that keeps learners engaged.
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Basic addition and subtraction math facts are taken to the next level when students begin to use regrouping at the end of 2nd grade and beginning of 3rd grade. Students use the skills of place value and moving from the tens place to the units (ones) place when regrouping in order to subtract with renaming units and tens. In this game, students are given several standard algorithm problems to solve, each one with a 2-minute time limit. Students are able to use scratch paper in order to find the correct answer. But be careful, out of four multiple choices, there are at least two choices that are close to the correct one! There are also two problems written horizontally and students will need to rewrite those problems vertically in order to solve. After each problem, on the following screen, is an exciting race between two kittens. When the correct answer(s) are given, the one kitten in the blue car will pull ahead. If an answer is incorrect, the other kitten will pull ahead. The blue car with the kitten will win if more correct answers are given. This game is great for learning centers or for further practice at home.Read Less