2D Basic Shapes Game

This is a fun math game to teach children the most basic 2D shapes – circle, triangle, square and rectangle. Learning 2 dimensional shapes is a good first lesson on geometry for young kids. This game helps with recognition of shapes. Math teachers and parents can use to games to help children learn the names of shapes in the classroom or as homework exercise. The game works across every device – mobile or desktop.

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Kitten Race Game – How to Play

This fun game is called ‘Kitten Race’ and involves two kittens racing for the finish line. One of the kittens is the villain, the other is the good kitten. Will you answer more questions correctly to help the good kitten collect three stars in the end? This game takes the form of a multiple-choice quiz. The learner must listen to the instructions and choose the correct answer within a timed period of 15 or more seconds. The more correct answer the learner gets, the more stars they earn in the end.