Finding Perimeter – math game for 5th grade

This game helps 5th graders practice finding the perimeter of a geometry shape. Click the Play button below to begin practising.
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Perimeter: The perimeter of an object such as a shape is the outline of the shape. To find the perimeter of a shape such as a triangle, you add the length of all three sides of the triangle. The perimeter of a circle is its circumference. Knowledge of calculating the perimeter is applied in multiple areas of daily life. Read More
For instance, if we want to determine how much space a garden occupies in our backyard, we measure the perimeter of the backyard and the perimeter of the garden and compare them. Buildings often apply this knowledge in home construction. Perimeter is used in our daily lives when we measure and find the length around places we build, carpets in our home, our walls, fences, and many more such items, Perimeter is used in 5th grade to find the length of the sides around geometric shapes. The formula for perimeter is side plus side plus side, etc. In Finding Perimeter game, students get an opportunity to practice skills to find the perimeter of geometric shapes. The students will work on rectangles, squares and triangles in this game. If needed the students should have scratch paper for adding. Students will then select one of four choices. After each choice is selected the following screen will feature a colorful space dog who is trying to catch a bone. When answers are correct, the bone is caught by the dog. When answers are incorrect, the bone is knocked away by a meteor or beamed aboard an alien spaceship. This game is perfect for learning center rotations or more practice at home. Read Less