Conjunctions and Prepositions – ESL Grammar Game

Practice conjunctions and prepositions now with this game.  Click the play button to begin.
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Conjunctions – Conjunctions are words or phrases that join other words, phrases and clauses together. In simpler terms, conjunctions help to connect ideas in a sentence. They come in three main varieties – coordinating conjunction, subordinating conjunction and correlative conjunction. Given their role, conjunctions help form more complex sentences and enable writing to flow smoothly.Read More
Prepositions: Meanwhile, prepositions are words and phrases that explain time, space and logical relationships between nearby words and the other parts of the sentence.
The question I hear you ask is – How are conjunctions different from prepositions? This is a question that does not have an easy answer. Reason being, conjunctions such as BEFORE, AFTER and UNTIL, can sometimes act as prepositions.
To explain in simple terms, conjunctions join, while prepositions show relationships. Joining and showing relationships are all forms of linking things up. Prepositions, however, must always be followed by a noun or pronoun, but not a verb. The pronoun or noun is the object of the preposition. This subtle (but not the only) distinction can give us an idea on how to differentiate them. To practice using conjunctions and prepositions, play the game above.Read Less