Nouns, Adjectives and Prepositions Combination – Grammar Game

Practice noun, adjective and prepositions combination in this English grammar game.  Click the play button to begin.
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Adjective + Preposition – Prepositions are words that help to stitch sentences together. They can also combine with adjectives to better define the action, emotion or thing that the adjective is trying to describe. As such, we also see some adjectives followed by particular prepositions in a specific context. Read More
Prepositions such as – to, about, in, with, for, at & by – are among the most common combinations of adjectives and prepositions. Therefore, it can sound strange to hear or see the wrong preposition following the adjective. In some cases, the meaning is altered completely. For example, when talking about our abilities, we may say something like this – I’m good at looking after animals. This means we have abilities in looking after them. However, we may also say – I’m good with animals. This means animals and I get along very well.
  • It seems when adjectives have very similar meanings, they are often followed by the same preposition. Example – scared of, afraid of, frightened of
  • It also seems when adjectives have opposite meaning they might be followed by the same preposition. Example – good at/bad at, worried about/relaxed about
Nouns + Preposition – Similarly, many nouns are followed by particular prepositions. Examples include: responsibility for, attempt at, differences in, cause of. The best way to get good at using the right noun or adjective plus preposition combination is through practice. The game above will help in this effort. Read Less