Compound Words 1

This is an English language game about basic compound words. Learning compound words is a useful way of developing vocabulary of young English learners. A compound word is usually formed by combining two words, which creates a new meaning. For instance, SUN + LIGHT = SUNLIGHT. Most of the words used in this activity are compound words related to food vocabulary. This game works across all devices and does not require an app install.
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Some words used:
  • cupcake, sunshine, football
Space Dog Game – How to Play This fun game is called ‘Space Dog’ and involves an astronaut dog looking for his bone in space. Will you give a dog a bone by answering the questions correctly, or let the UFO abduct his bone? This game takes the form of a multiple-choice quiz. The learner must listen to the instructions and choose the correct answer within a timed period of 15 or 20 seconds. The more correct answer the learner gets, the more stars they earn in the end. Learners should aim for three stars.