Insects and Other Land Invertebrates, Science Game for kids

This science game helps children learn and practice land invertebrates with an emphasis on insects and other animals such as snails.
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Although insects are classified as land invertebrates, they are not the only ones. Insects are part of a larger classification group of invertebrates called arthropods. They have jointed legs, segmented bodies, and a tough exoskeleton. There are over 3,000 known species of arthropods. Insects are just one kind of invertebrate, but they are not the only ones.Read More
Invertebrates that are not arthropods include snails, slugs, worms, and fungi. Their bodies are soft and spongy. These types of invertebrates are important linkages at critical interfaces such as land-water and ocean-coastal environments. Invertebrates are diverse and can live in many different types of habitats. Some of these animals are aquatic, such as corals and sponges. Others live on land, and produce eggs and sperm in their natural environment. They are extremely adaptable, feeding on plant, animal, and decaying organic material. Insects can also fly to escape predators. The classification system for invertebrates is based on body structure and life cycle. Insects, for instance, have a head, thorax and abdomen with six legs. The only way to fully understand the role of invertebrates in a complex ecological system is to study them. The most recent research indicates that they play an important role in ecosystems, and that their presence is essential for healthy populations.Read Less