Recycling Science Game Activity for Kids

In this science activity, learn how we recycle different sorts of household waste. Find out what happens to the plastic, aluminum cans and paper you recycle, and why it’s so important. After completing this activity, your child will understand why recycling is important for the environment and how we recycle different types of household waste.
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Do you know for instance that we can turn a used plastic bag into a sweater, or an aluminum soda can into a bicycle? By recycling household waste, we are helping to protect the environment by reducing the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills or on the streets. Children will review key concepts relating to recycling and the reasons recycling so important for the future of our planet. Read More

When recycling, you should separate your materials into two bins: one for glass, plastic, and metal, and the other for mixed paper and cardboard. Before recycling plastic, corrugated cardboard should be rinsed and cut into small pieces. Also, avoid putting food-filled cartons in the blue bin. To make recycling easier, you can also separate your recyclables by type.
There are a couple of things parents can do to raise a child’s recycling consciousness. To make recycling more fun for children, set aside a special container in the kitchen and store for aluminum cans. Take your children to a recycling center, where they will get paid for the aluminum. Give your kids the money they earn by recycling, and let them choose a treat. You can also teach your children what items can be donated, reused, and recycled. You can even make a list of items that your children no longer use or throw away.
The plastics we use cause landfills a lot of stress. They can take anywhere from five to 600 years to break down. Glass recycling has been steadily increasing. While most people are aware of the recycling options, many don’t realize that plastic bottles can be recycled into new items. Plastic bottles, dressing containers, and drink bottles can all be recycled.
Rechargeable batteries are an alternative to disposable batteries. Many people use rechargeable batteries in appliances. When they reach the end of their life, however, they must be recycled. Rechargeable batteries can be recycled for free by a retail store. You may also want to consider buying used items instead of new ones. This way, you’ll be less likely to add to the landfill problem. But for a truly green lifestyle, it’s essential to change your lifestyle.
Another way to teach kids about recycling is to play recycling games. Kids can play recycling games while learning about how much plastic bottles are polluting our planet. Plastic bottles, for example, can be stored in landfills and drift through the ocean for thousands of years. Imagine the effects of all the plastic bottles in a thousand years!
Recycling is a great way to help save the environment. Many schools now have recycling bins in the cafeteria and classroom. If you’re a student in a school or have a recycling bin in your cafeteria, consider using it as a classroom activity. For example, in art class, use scrap paper to make a collage, or send it to the recycling company to be made into new paper. Other recyclable materials include juice, water, and milk cartons. Many products can be reused to make new items, so don’t hesitate to educate your students about recycling and reuse. Read Less